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IT Failures = Lost Revenue.

How much time and money does your company lose when one computer goes down? What happens when your server goes down? Or worse, if your entire network is down?

That’s why so many of our customers rely on our managed IT services.

We can save you time, money and frustration by keeping your systems operational and secure so you can focus on running your business. 

With Sidebarr Tech’s managed IT services program, you will have little to no wait time once the call or ticket is created. Our first line of dedicated remote support will immediately work to resolve your issues. 

Sidebarr's managed services program allows us to work on your network and devices remotely and proactively. We ensure that patches are being resolved, any issues are quickly fixed, and backups are being checked. 

We are notified immediately of any equipment or software failure so you do not have to waste valuable time trying to call us when there is a problem. Most importantly, with our managed service program we will be able to be proactive and ensure reliability and security on your equipment and network!

Sidebarr Tech’s Managed IT
Services packages include:

  • System and Budgetary Planning

  • Network Access Support

  • Ransomware

  • Hardware/Software Support

  • User Account Management

  • Patch Management

  • Track Issues Through Resolutions

  • Server Optimization

  • Desktop Optimization

  • Asset and Inventory Tracking

  • Annual Technology Reviews

  • Hardware/Software Reports

  • Windows Event Log Monitoring

  • Server/Network Maintenance

We offer three different packages
to suit your business needs.

Bronze Package
Bronze Package

Sidebarr Tech's Bronze Managed IT Services Package includes antivirus software, ransomware, onsite/cloud backup, a quarterly IT review and more.

Silver Package
Silver Package

Sidebarr Tech's Silver Managed IT Services Package offers antivirus software, ransomware, onsite/cloud backup, a quarterly IT review, remote support and more.

Gold Package
Gold Package

Sidebarr Tech's Gold Managed IT Services Package features all the benefits of our other packages plus onsite support and discounted labor.