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Is your business still using a traditional "landline" phone system?

Enhance the way you do business with IP phone systems.

Internet-based phone systems, also sometimes called IP or Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), make and receive phone calls over the internet. This can save your business money and increase your efficiency, with more options for remote access and multiple callers.

Put calls on hold, transfer calls, and even receive texts and SMS messages from your IP phones. Take advantage of advanced features like auto-attendant and call transfer to team productivity, no matter the size of your business.

*Not available in Monroe County, Illinois.

IP Phone Devices

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Sidebarr Tech is a proud partner of Sangoma Technologies. This partnership allows us to provide innovative IP Based Phone Solutions to businesses. Sangoma's integrated suite provides both Onsite or Cloud setups to meet the company's needs.

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Sidebarr uses a broad range of high quality Wahsega products to unify communications and optimize business processes.

Wahsega provides a range of different IP devices and servicers capable of communicating through an onsite or online server:

  • outdoor speakers
  • intercom systems
  • digital displays
  • emergency announcements